Dog Eligibility 

Can all dogs play at the Dog house?

Well, almost all dogs. We care for a large and varied group with very little or no restriction on size, age, breed, etc. Our fundamental concern is for the healthy enjoyment of those who come to play. If a particular K-9 is not suited for a canine social environment because of a temporary problem, we will be glad to advise you regarding how to best resolve the issue so that she can come enjoy herself soon.

All dogs have to meet standard requirements before they can be enrolled. Dogs play in groups, and yours must get along with other dogs for everyone's safety. Our goal is to provide the safest social setting for your beloved K-9 companion while he or she visits the facility.

A completed questionnaire, medical history, and veterinary information are kept in every K-9's personal file. Please feel free to fill out the Online Enrollment Form.